Mayhem Heroes is a frenetic beat’em up where you have to take down as many opponents as possible and, ideally, be the last one standing. Use punches, kicks and special moves to send your opponents flying out of the arena. Despite the really simple mechanics that anyone can play, it is necessary to have a strategy to survive the opponents’ attacks and also the obstacles and challenges of each arena. Play with up to 4 friends and show them who’s boss!


Development Stage

Released Play Now




Up to 5 themed arenas (and counting) with their own challenges

Many Game Modes

All versus (tournament or quick match) and survival (solo or coop)

Really Simple Mechanics

Simple and fun mechanics that allow players of all types and experience levels

Better Together

Play with up to 4 friends locally or online (via Remote Play Together)


Beat’em Up, PvP, Coop, Funny, Colorfull, Cute


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